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Vision, mission and values

The NASPO Board of Directors undertook a strategic planning initiative to guide the organization and help inform the leadership’s decision making. The adopted strategic plan includes five-year objectives and measurements. Since then, leaders, committees and NASPO staff have implemented the objectives and advanced the strategic priorities. An annual report to the members is produced each year to ensure member engagement in the fulfillment of the strategic plan.

Download a NASPO strategic plan summary

Your strategic partner for public procurement solutions.

Promote government excellence by delivering superior procurement solutions for the benefit of the public.

NASPO demonstrates Leadership, Excellence and Integrity through:

  • Service: Everything we do is for the benefit of the members, states,and the public they serve.
  • Sovereignty: We honor states’ sovereignty by recognizing their uniqueness, authority, and autonomy.
  • Ethics: We adhere to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.
  • Transparency: We operate in an environment that promotes accountability to the members and encourages fair and open competition in public procurement.
  • Knowledge: We leverage expertise to provide learning and innovative best practices in public procurement.
  • Collaboration: We foster cooperative networking and build strategic partnerships that elevate public procurement.


Customer Engagement

Provide timely and relevant communications, programs and solutions to members, stakeholders, and strategic partners.

Business Processes

Develop and implement effective tools and practices that ensure a thriving organization.

Professional Development

Create and deliver innovative research, education and learning opportunities.


Effectively manage and maximize resources.

Our Vision

Your strategic partner for public procurement solutions.

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