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Giulio Mazzone Distinguished Service Award

NASPO’s Giulio Mazzone Distinguished Service Award Program recognizes service, on a continuing exemplary basis, to the public purchasing profession. The program was created in 1982 as the NASPO Distinguished Service Award, and in 1994 was renamed for Giulio Mazzone.

The Mazzone Task Force, comprised of recipients of the award, selects an awardee only when it determines that a candidate meets the specific criteria for that award. It is not mandatory to present the award each year.

Eligibility: Nominations are open to anyone who meets the criteria, including but not limited to those who have held office within NASPO, who are current members, or who are or have been state members.

Award Criteria: Recipients of the award should be individuals who embody the following characteristics and reflect NASPO’s vision of exemplary contributions to public procurement:
  • Personal and professional dedication to effective lawful and sound procurement principles
  • Significant contributions to the mission and activities of NASPO and/or more broadly to the profession of public procurement
  • Career-long sustained advancement of professionalism in procurement activities
  • Personal and professional integrity in the execution of all procurement practices
  • Active participating in mentoring or support of peers in the procurement profession
  • Commitment to continual improvement, both in developing new skills and seeking opportunities to improve procurement practices more broadly

Nominations for the 2022 Mazzone Distinguished Service Award are currently closed.

About Giulio Mazzone


Giulio Mazzone was a NASPO member, former NASPO President and the seventh recipient of the Distinguished Service Award. As the lightning rod behind NASPO’s recycling involvement, especially with paper and the ASTM, he cultivated a very good relationship between NASPO and the federal government. As important, if not more important, he was a good friend, quick to make new members feel welcome and part of the organization, urging them to get involved. He was responsible for many members’ decisions to jump into the thick of things. Renaming the award after Guilio lost his fight to cancer represented both NASPO’s attempt to hold on to a little piece of the “Giulio magic,” and a restatement of the high bar this award represents to NASPO members.

Our 2022 Winners

Previous Giulio Mazzone Distinguished Service Award Recipients

  • 2021: Carol Wilson
  • 2020: Dianne Lancaster
  • 2019: Norma Hall
  • 2017: Vern Jones
  • 2016: John Adler
  • 2015: Monica Wilkes
  • 2014: Jeff Holden
  • 2014: 20th Anniversary Special Mazzone Award: Jack Pitzer
  • 2013: Ron Bell
  • 2012: Marvin Eicholtz
  • 2011: Voight Shealy
  • 2010: Ellen Phillips
  • 2009: Richard Pennington
  • 2008: Jan Hamik
  • 2007: Wayne Casper
  • 2006: none selected
  • 2005: Denise Lea
  • 2004: Dugan Petty
  • 2003: Dave Gragan
  • 2002: none selected
  • 2001: Don Buffum
  • 2000: Doug Richins
  • 1999: Richard Thompson
  • 1998: Gary Lambert
  • 1997: Paula Moskowitz
  • 1996: Margaret McConnell
  • 1995: John Haggerty
  • 1994: Edward Erxleben
  • 1993: none selected
  • 1992: William S. Warstler
  • 1991: Thomas M. Bostick
  • 1990: Giulio Mazzone
  • 1989: none selected
  • 1988: Jack Spath
  • 1987: John Hittinger (posthumously)
  • 1986: Herman Crystal (posthumously)
  • 1985: Tom and Ethel Blanco
  • 1984: none selected
  • 1983: John Short
  • 1982: Willis Holding
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