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State Preference Repository

NASPO State Preference Repository

The NASPO State Preference Repository provides a list of state bidding preferences, describing state requirements for each preference type (preference for in-state/local bidders, sustainable or locally-produced/manufactured commodities, small or diverse/disadvantaged businesses).

Please select a state from the dropdown list, or the map below to view a state’s preference laws and regulations. If you would like to download summary information for all states please click here.

For a table with percentage preferences, please click here.

If you have any comments or corrections, please contact us at [email protected]

NASPO does not endorse, nor guarantee the accuracy of, the information provided to NASPO upon request by the states.

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About Preferences

In-State/Local Preference. What is it?

An in-state (local) preference is an advantage given to bidders/proposers in response to a solicitation for products or services, granted based on pre-established criteria. Preference criteria are established by law and can include supplier’s geographic location; residency requirements; or origination of the product or service.

Reciprocal Preference. What is it?

Reciprocal preference refers to an advantage a state applies in order to match a preference given by another state. A reciprocal preference, or simply reciprocity, defines a bidding situation in which a state gives a preference to its resident bidder against the bid of a non-resident bidder, equal to the preference given by the other state to its own resident bidders.

Tie Bid Preference. What is it?

Tie bid preferences legally permit a state to preferentially select an in-state or local bidder for a contract if the bid matches that of an out-of-state source.

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