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April 2021

NASPO Releases COVID-19 Study
Download Assessing State PPE Procurement During COVID-19: A Research Report today. This report uses over 100 hours of interviews to tell the story of pandemic procurement and the lessons learned.

“Our members are invaluable resources for their states, and their expertise can, and should, improve any emergency actions by the state. NASPO is proud to support them with specific research into their professional response.”
Lindle Hatton, NASPO Chief Executive Officer
Innovative Procurement Promotion
Maine CPO Brings Procurement into the Clubhouse
Clubhouse is the newest social media platform, perfect for those who are “Zoom”ed out. An audio-only (currently invitation-only) platform, Clubhouse highlights organic conversations with thousands of rooms focused on niche topics, including procurement!

Maine CPO, Jaime Schorr, participates as a regular in the recurring Wednesday procurement chats, which feature five to six regular practitioners from different levels of government (state/counties/District of Columbia) “on stage” with another five to 10 people who come in and out based on schedule and topic. There is no limit on the number of listeners. Jaime compares the experience to a conference room breakout. And because not everyone is on Clubhouse, the first half-hour of each week’s conversation is recorded as a podcast, “Public Procurement Change Agents,” available on Google.

While still limited to Apple app users, a Clubhouse Android app is coming. Jaime has a limited number of invitations available, but she graciously opens them to NASPO members, first come, first served.
Don’t forget to take advantage of the Procurement U Gives Back program before July 1. Sign up in the Procurement U LMS to register for all foundational procurement courses FREE! That’s 25 hours of learning with no cost to you or your state.

But wait, there’s more!

NASPO now offers the opportunity to view past webinars for credit! That’s an extra 12 credit hours FREE for a total of almost 40 FREE CREDIT HOURS

Log on to the LMS system to access the webinars.
Survey of State Procurement
Practices Available
Want to know what other states are doing? Download the 2020 Survey of State Procurement Practices Executive Summary or view detailed state responses.
NASPO ValuePoint Updates
State Procurement Conferences
The NASPO ValuePoint team is interested in supporting procurement conferences in your state. Please email us with opportunities to participate in upcoming events during 2021.

Portfolio Maps
Portfolio maps which provide solicitation, evaluation, and award information are now available on the NASPO ValuePoint website. Additional portfolio maps will be added in the future. Please email us at [email protected] with any questions or for more information.

Sourcing Team Needs
Please let NASPO ValuePoint know if your state is interested in becoming a member of any of the following Sourcing Teams that are in need of additional members:
  • Ground Maintenance Equipment ([email protected]) - This portfolio is in Contract Administration, but more members are requested to serve through re-procurement in 2024.
  • Digital Print & Quick Copy Services ([email protected]) - This portfolio is in active solicitation status and recently lost a team member. We need additional Sourcing Team members who can be ready to evaluate in the next couple of weeks.
  • Inmate Communications ([email protected])
  • Vehicle Lifts and Garage Associated Equipment ([email protected]) - We especially need subject matter experts.
  • Mailroom Equipment ([email protected])

The new Sourcing Team Participation Form is available on the NASPO ValuePoint website.
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