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Governing Magazine Article Spotlights California, Washington Practices on Contract Performance Review

California Chief Procurement Officer and NASPO Board Member Jim Butler and Washington State Procurement Manager Cheral Manke are featured in the January edition of Governing Magazine in the article, “Cheaper Isn’t Necessarily Better for Government Purchasing.” This article which highlights state procurement practices related to how states monitor and evaluate past performance of contractors, in addition to price and the concept of “best value,” instead of lowest bid. See below for excerpt and link to article.
Cheaper Isn’t Necessarily Better for Government Purchasing
Everyone loves a bargain, even governments. When government purchasers put out a construction bid, the winning company is often the one that quotes the lowest price for the project. Previous performance is not necessarily taken into account. That’s like buying the cheapest used car on an auto dealer’s lot, without checking out the condition of the motor.

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