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NASPO Calls for Collaboration on IT Procurement Reform

NASPO, NASCIO Align on Five Recommendations

As information technology (IT) purchases are among the largest and fastest-growing budget items for many states, the National Association of State Procurement Officials today called for a collaborative effort to focus on reforming IT procurement.
Procurement reform is identified by NASPO members as being the top priority for 2016, and transforming IT procurement to address market trends in particular is ranked as sixth the most important priority.
“Chief Procurement Officials and Chief Information Officers need to work through these tough issues together,” said DeLaine Bender, Executive Director of NASPO. “IT spending will continue to grow and evolve and it is imperative that purchases in this area be conducted with the highest levels of knowledge, professionalism, training and in accordance with the most recent best practices ”
As a guideline, NASPO endorsed five key areas of IT procurement reform as outlined by the National Association of State Chief Information Officers:
• Remove unlimited liability clauses in state terms and conditions
• Introduce more flexible terms and conditions
• Remove required performance bonds from vendors on information technology projects
• Leverage enterprise architecture for improved IT procurement
• Improve the Negotiations Process
“These guidelines are an important first step, and we will work closely with IT officials, state leaders and lawmakers to continue this work and identify improvements,” said NASPO President and Utah Deputy Director/Deputy Chief Procurement Officer Paul Mash. “The most important message today is for state IT and procurement officials to coordinate all levels of reform in responsibility to the tax payers.”

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