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NASPO releases 2018 Top Ten Priorities for State Procurement & Companion list of Top Three Horizon Issues

Based on a ranking from state CPOs, the Top Ten Priorities for State Procurement reflect core procurement issues important nationwide. For the first time this year, the Top Three Horizon Issues was added, as a list of top emerging issues, based on CPO input due to their potential impact on state procurement in 2018. NASPO develops programs, conference sessions, research and publications around these state procurement priorities and horizon issues.

State CPOs recognized the strategic role of state central procurement as their number one priority for two consecutive years. Undertaking IT procurement transformation in 2018 is NASPO’s second priority, a significant jump from 7th place for this priority last year. Measuring success and performance metrics ranked third. This has consistently been recognized among the top four important issues for state central procurement in the past four years.

Additionally, staying on top of IT procurement and emerging technologies, automation and data analytics is critical in 2018 and the near future, as reflected by the IT-focused horizon issues ranked collectively by CPOs.

You can download the complete Top Ten Priorities and Top Three Horizon Issues lists HERE.

For more information, please contact Rebecca Montano-Smith.


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