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New Course – Procurement 101: Foundations of Public Procurement

Procurement U is excited to announce a new course offering: Procurement 101: Foundations of Public Procurement

WHO: The target audience includes, but is not limited to, any public sector professional new to procurement or seeking to gain a basic understanding of the procurement process.

WHAT: This course is a web-based training that is self-paced. Given the length, you are encouraged to take the course in small segments that meet the needs of your schedule. You determine, when, where, and at what speed you complete this course.

WHY: This course describes some of the foundational knowledge needed to be successful in public procurement, and is divided into two modules. The first module, “Foundations of Public Procurement”, discusses the core elements of the profession. This includes defining procurement, its value, and role within government. Furthermore, this module will explore the influence of statutes, regulation, policies and the overall structure of the procurement office. Finally, you will learn about the importance of ethical standards within procurement.

The second module, “The Procurement Process”, discusses the various steps of the procurement process. Due to the introductory nature of this course, the content is not meant to be comprehensive, nor is it intended to provide instruction on the policies or procedures of one particular state or entity. Rather, the course focuses on the general procurement process and discusses various best practices throughout.

WHEN: Enroll today! Five Contact Hours regularly priced at $100 for NASPO Members and all state governement employees and $175 for all other learners.

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