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State Green Purchasing Profiles Released

As part of the NASPO Green Purchasing Committee’s (GPC) mission to identify and share best practices in environmentally preferable (green) purchasing the committee has recently developed the State Green Purchasing Profiles. The comprehensive profiles highlight the activities for each state that practices green purchasing.

The profiles were developed from the results of a survey sent out to each state’s Central Procurement Offices in April. The survey and the design of the profiles were created by members of the Green Purchasing Committee and the NASPO staff. The content of each profile has been reviewed and approved by the state’s staff. The GPC envisions that the profiles will be updated regularly in order to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the material. The profiles allow you to easily compare green contracts, statues, staff allocations, organizational structures, and other key information across multiple states.

The profiles can be easily navigated using the State Green Profile Map found on the NASPO website home page. A direct link to the maps can be found here: State Green Profile Map

Additionally, if your state did not have the opportunity to fill out the survey and would like to have a state profile created, or if any information on your profile is incorrect please contact GPC Staff Lead Matt Oyer, [email protected]

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